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Guide to using your fountain pen.

Here are some links to purchase Jinhao fountain pen ink from    

**C. J Korryn Books is an amazon affiliate which means we do receive a portion of the sales from these links.


Gullor 25 PCS International Size Pen Ink Cartridge to Fit Jinhao Fountain Pens, Black, 5 Per Pack



Gullor 35 PCS International Size Pen Ink Cartridge to Fit Jinhao Fountain Pens, 7 Colors, 7 Packs



JinHao Fountain Pen International Size Ink Cartridges, Pack of 15 (Blue)



Pilot Iroshizuku Bottled Fountain Pen Ink, Take-Sumi, Bamboo Charcoal, Black (69224)



Waterman 1.7 oz Ink Bottle for Fountain Pens, Serenity Blue (S0110720)




Using a fountain pen remember these important details.

1.     Extreme heat and cold will affect the flow of ink.  The cold may thicken the ink so it doesn’t flow as well and   

        the heat may thin the ink so it will flow quickly and possibly leak.

2.     Don’t press hard on the nib, it will ruin and write with the shiny part up.

3.     If you take it on a plane the ink may leak because it is not a sealed pen.

Here are a few more additional things to know.
  1. If you buy ink cartridges at an office supply store, any brand should work, but make sure it says “universal” or “standard” on the package, otherwise it may not fit.

  2. You can set the pen nib down in the cap and it WILL NOT leak.  If it leaks, it is most likely that the lid was dropped and the insert that keeps the nib from touching anything has shifted, thus allowing the nib to touch the cap somewhere and release ink.

  3. When installing the disposable cartridge, you want to listen for a popping sound. That lets you know the seal was broken and the ink will be making its way through the feed to the nib.

  4. Your first time feeding the ink through the nib may take a several minutes. Be patient!!!



Below are a few YouTube videos to show you how to install the ink cartridges and refilling the ink from a bottle as well as care and maintenance.

               1.  Refill instructions. 

               2.  Pen maintenance. 

               3.  7 Mistakes to avoid.


Below are a few websites that you can review for maintenance if you like. 






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