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About The Founder

Author C. J. Korryn  founded C. J. Korryn Books with a dream of writing full-time. He eventually wants to open a brick-and-mortar indie author book store that caters specifically to non-traditional published authors.

About Us

C. J. Korryn books sells locally at whatever venues he can find.

Our goal is to open up the aforementioned brick-and-mortar indie book store and sell indie-published books. We hope to include a coffee shop and board & tabletop gaming venue in conjunction with the book store. In combining both a gaming venue and book store with a coffee shop, we anticipate bringing our community together with regular free gaming events for both the tabletop gamer and the avid board gamer.  We also hope to schedule monthly speaking events for local authors and professional cosplayers for our community to enjoy. 


What we offer is a continuously growing selection of journaling, writing, and reading products. We have recently added a few tabletop RPG products as well.  

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Our fountain pens are great for the writer who enjoys writing by hand.  Unlike ballpoint or rollerball pens, fountain pens require very little pressure on the nib (pen tip) which allows the writer to write for a much more extended period before his or her hand gets tired or cramped. This is by far the number one reason C. J. Korryn started writing with fountain pens....that and they just look cool. 

Many of our leather journals and book covers are handmade from goatskin or buffalo skin.  The handmade rustic, recycled and eco-friendly style paper brings yet another touch of uniqueness to the already memorable journal.


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